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Dummuie Wind Farm

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The Dummuie Wind Farm, developed and built by Eco2, started operating in April 2007. Located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, it is now owned by IKEA Energy Services Ltd with Eco2 providing operational services.

Site Statistics
Turbine tower height 80m (to blade tip)
Number of turbines 7
Single turbine capacity 1.75MW
Wind Farm capacity 12.25MW
Operational period 25 years
Predicted annual output 23,915MWh
Electricity equivalent approximately 7,019 homes
Project Benefits
Environmental Benefits
  • The Wind Farm makes a significant contribution to the reduction of emissions that are known to cause global warming and acid rain. Over the 25-year lifetime of the project, it will displace between 297,785 tonnes and 705,026 tonnes of CO2.*


* The range of CO2 saving is calculated due to the portfolio mix of UK energy supply