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SSS Manager [Snetterton]

Closing date


The Company

Eco2 specialises in initiating, developing, financing and operating renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe. Biomass and Wind assets play a major role in our renewable energy portfolio, however we are also keen to use our environmentally sensitive, risk managed development expertise to build on our success in other established and emerging technologies.

Our approach recognises the need to balance commercial issues with the environmental benefits deriving from Renewable Energy projects, and we understand that this needs to be demonstrated at both strategic and local levels. We work closely with all key stakeholders, including local authorities, local community groups, planners, environmental groups and government departments, from a very early stage, to aid a successful project conversion.

The Role

The role is responsible for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the strategic storage sites ensuring effective storage of fuel for Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant; whilst maintaining high levels of health and safety at all times.

To ensure the quality of biomass entering all plants is to the required specification determined by the Company and plant quality criteria.


Weigh and check the quality of fuel moving into storage in accordance with plant quality criteria.

Ensure the storage of the fuel during production is appropriate for maintaining fuel quality.

Assist members of the Eco2 fuels team to compile an accurate inventory of straw bales.

Responsible for compiling strategic storage site management plans; document control and update, risk assessments and site plans and maps.

Responsible for contractor inductions at the strategic storage sites.

Ensure all H&S signage, fire extinguishers and first aid kits are present and displayed with maximum visibility.

Responsible for auditing site safety and implementing appropriate measures for the continued safety of individuals entering the strategic storage sites.

Responsible for CCTV auditing at the strategic storage sites.

Responsible for regular site security patrols.

Responsible for ensuring the appropriate rat bait contracts are in place and the subsequent monitoring of such contracts.

Responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the strategic storage sites, for example, road repairs.

Participate in landowner meetings.

Responsible for souring new sites and negotiating terms of service in line with company policy.

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